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Introduction to Apologetics Hub

I created this website to provide a comprehensive list of apologetics ministries, podcasts, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, books and curriculums (for children, teens and adults), online learning programs, college programs, conferences, camps, clubs, and more.

We are incredibly blessed to live at a time with so many great resources! However, I’ve found that not many people are aware of these great resources so I wanted to list them on a single website and make it easier for people to find them.

Below is a brief overview covering each of the key areas of the website.

Apologists: Please check out the great apologetics ministries I’ve listed in this area. I categorized them by important apologetics topics. I did this because I’ve found most people aren’t familiar with many of these great ministries so they are primarily searching for resources covering specific topics.

Social Media: Check out the great apologetics ministries’ social media pages. There are some excellent podcasts, YouTube channels and Facebook pages you’ll want to follow. A great way to learn is to listen to podcasts or YouTube vides while traveling to and from work each day or while working on projects around the house!

Education: Check out the books and curriculums that cover all ages of children, teens, and adults. It’s important to start studying apologetics at as young an age as possible! Also, there are some great options for online learning for all ages as well as college programs. I’ve completed the Biola Certificate Program and my 17-year-old daughter is going through it now. We highly recommend it!

Events: Check out the opportunities to attend apologetics conferences, camps, and clubs. Make sure to support any events in your area and tell your family and friends about them. They can be life changing! Also, consider traveling as a family to a conference and combining it with your vacation time. For example, my family is planning on traveling to San Antonio this year to attend the annual EPS Apologetics Conference and visit Sea World. We did the same thing when attending the EPS Conference in Colorado a few years ago. This makes it fun for everyone but also involves getting equipped in apologetics!

Blog: Please check out my blogs. These are meant to be short, simple and cover important apologetics resources. So far, I’ve covered ‘Training Christian Kids for Spiritual War’, ‘Studying God's Attributes’, ‘The Moral Argument for God's Existence’, ‘Training in Christian Doctrine & Apologetics’, and ‘2023 Apologetics Conferences’.

I hope this information is helpful. Please share it with others! Ultimately, the goal of all of this is knowing Christ and making Him known! 

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