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Click on the Apologists/Ministries to learn more about them. Apologists/Ministries are categorized by the most common topics they cover except those under General Apologetics. However, most cover multiple topics.

General Apologetics

Historical Reliability of Bible

Historical Jesus





Michael Brown

Chosen People Ministries

Eitan Bar


Pro-Life Training (Scott Klusendorf, Jannique Stewart & Megan Almon)

Stephanie Gray Connors/Love Unleashes Life

Seth Gruber

Justice For All

Homosexuality/Same-Sex Marriage/Transgenderism

Robert Gagnon

The Becket Cook Show (Becket Cook)

Rosaria Butterfield

Christopher Yuan

Sam Allberry

Joe Dallas

Social Justice/Critical Race Theory

Center for Biblical Unity (Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager)

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