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Summit Ministries Student Conferences
Summit Ministries’ mission is to equip and support rising generations to embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview. Their programming consists of two-week conferences for 16–25-year-olds in multiple locations across the U.S. They also offer semester-long programs for collegiate-level students. Their publishing division offers resources for Christian schools, homeschool, and churches. Alumni of our programs are networked around the world with the aim of driving impact in their communities.

Impact 360 Institute: Cultivating Leaders Who Follow Jesus

Located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Impact 360 Institute has been cultivating leaders who follow Jesus since 2006. Through biblical worldview education, community-based discipleship, leadership coaching, vocational mentoring, and missional opportunities, students are equipped to live as change-agents in the world. Impact 360 Institute serves High School graduates through their 9-month Impact 360 Fellows experience, teenagers for one and two weeks through Impact 360 Immersion and Propel, and young professionals through Impact 360 Residency.

Faith Ascent Ministries

They envision a world where every college-bound Christian leaves home equipped with good reasons for the hope they have in Jesus and connects with the Christian community on campus.

Mission: Reduce the number of young Christians abandoning their beliefs in college and disengaging from the church.

Vision: They envision a world where every college bound Christian connects with Christian community on campus and leaves home prepared with “good reasons” for the hope they have in Jesus.

Worldview Academy

Worldview Academy helps you discover and apply the Bible’s ancient wisdom on how to think, how to live, and how to lead. A lot of organizations talk about culture, theology, and apologetics. That’s a good thing. Still, there's something that makes Worldview Academy unique. Our approach to every subject starts by digging into the foundations, examining the underlying assumptions, lifting the hood to see how the engine of rival philosophies work.

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