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General Apologetics

Reasonable Faith/Equip

Equip courses offer a free, guided tour through Dr. William Lane Craig’s content. Sign up to gain access to courses, track your progress, engage in forum conversations, and get to know others who are exploring the same courses.

Biola University/Talbot School of Theology - Certificate in Apologetics

The online certificate program in Christian Apologetics is open to everyone regardless of educational background. There are no prerequisites for this program. Biola believes that every Christian should have access to training in apologetics regardless of age, careers, time restraints, denomination, or finances. The certificate program is an accessible way to begin studying the field of apologetics.

Palm Beach Atlantic University - Certificate in Cultural Apologetics

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers a six-class Certificate in Cultural Apologetics. Taught by leading Christian philosophers who work at the intersection of philosophy, culture, and the gospel, learn how to show the brilliance and beauty of Jesus to those in a disenchanted world.

STR U (Stand to Reason University)

STR U is an online training program designed to produce a particular kind of person: an effective ambassador for Christ. Using short, interactive, and engaging courses, STR U equips Christians to make an even-handed, yet gracious defense for Christianity and Christian values in the public square. Christian Courses

Christian apologetics and worldview courses on a variety of topics that are taught by world class instructors.

Learn how to winsomely defend the truth claims of Christianity and gain confidence in sharing your faith.

Impact 360 Institute Biblical Worldview & Apologetics Courses

Impact 360 Institute's Online Courses are designed to help Christians explore the objections to their faith, and learn the good reasons to believe that Christianity is true. Learn from some of the best minds in Philosophy, Apologetics, Ethics, and Theology. These courses are perfect for small groups, churches, schools, or individual study and growth.

SES Academy

The SES Academy is an educational institute developed for the purpose of providing laypeople with high quality training. The Academy is a property of Southern Evangelical Seminary. The Academy offers training in various disciplines without the financial burden and workload of a Seminary or Bible College.

The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

Communicating the good news of Jesus Christ through the cultural questions of our day and equipping others to do the same.

WIA (Women in Apologetics Academy)

Courses on Christian apologetics.

CARM School of Apologetics

The CARM online School of Apologetics is designed to help you easily learn how to answer problems and positions of false religious groups, atheism, evolution, and more.  

Maven Apologetics Courses

Courses on Christian apologetics.

Zondervan Academic Online Courses

Pursue a deeper knowledge of God through self-paced college and seminary-level online courses from Zondervan Academic.

Denver Seminary Free Online Courses

Denver Seminary's free online courses will bring our professors into your living room, office, and church with grounded Bible teaching that has been the hallmark of our school for over 70 years.  Start anytime and work at your own pace.

BiblicalTraining offers a comprehensive biblical education at all academic levels from world-class professors, for free. You can know the truth, and be able to teach the truth and refute error (Titus 1:9), all without leaving your home or church. Find some friends and start learning today with millions of people around the world.

Apologia Studios
Apologetics training based on the work of Greg Bahnsen.



Discover the intelligently designed universe.

Reasons to Believe – Reasons Institute
Reasons Institute (RI) is a content provider of science apologetics courses. Their aim is to equip God’s people with cutting-edge reasons to believe in the God of the Bible, strengthening their faith and empowering them to engage scientists, skeptics, and atheists.



The World Apologetics & Discipleship Institute

The World Apologetics Discipleship Institute (WADI) is a comprehensive on-demand video platform created to equip the global church to evangelize and disciple the unreached Muslim world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have over 20 professionally produced video courses in multiple languages from some of the best scholars, seminary professors, cross-cultural church planters, and missiologists on a variety of subjects providing the necessary training for Christian missions among Muslims. 

Pfander UK

Pfander seeks to help people see Jesus through the whole Bible. Answer questions Muslims ask about the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus and the Bible. Understand Islamic mission, secular accommodation of it and their impact in the world. To research and present the latest historical critique of Islam's history and its texts. Ultimately to provide a confident Biblical response to Islam.

Muslim World University

The Online Ministry School of i2 Ministries | Equipping Christian Movements to Evangelize and Disciple the Muslim World.

Engaging with Islam
The course is designed to give Christians a practical introduction to the history and teaching of Islam and a foundation for evangelism and answering common questions. The course can be done individually, in a small group or as part of leadership training.



Truth in Love Ministry

Proclaiming Christ to Mormons — Empowering Christians to Witness. With more than 35 years of experience, Truth in Love Ministry can help you start witnessing today.

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