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General Apologetics

Reasonable Faith

William Lane Craig


Frank Turek

Stand to Reason

J. Warner Wallace

Sean McDowell

J.P. Moreland

Paul Copan

Lee Strobel

Ratio Christi

John Lennox

Josh McDowell

Red Pen Logic (Tim Barnett)

Always Be Ready (Charlie Campbell)

N.T. Wright

Alister McGrath

C.S. Lewis

Craig Keener

Ken Samples

Alpha & Omega Ministries (James White)

Michael Kruger

Tim Keller

Nancy Pearcey

Douglas Groothuis

Jonathan McLatchie

Allen Parr

Matthew Flannagan

Tim Stratton

Brett Kunkle

Jonathan Morrow

Bible Thinker (Mike Winger)

Justin Brierley

Probe Ministries

Kerby Anderson

Summit Ministries

Jeff Myers 

Chad Meister

Michael Bird

Justin Bass

Clay Jones

Richard Howe

Rob Bowman

Andy Bannister

Abdu Murray

Douglas Groothius

Kevin Lewis

Straight Talk (Claudia Kalmikov)

Amy Orr-Ewing

Mary Jo Sharp

Natasha Crain

Alisha Childers

Theology Mom (Krista Bontrager)

Melissa Dougherty

Andy Bannister

Jerry Walls

David Baggett

Moral Apologetics

Scott Rae

Tim McGrew

Lydia McGrew

Francis Beckwith

Greg Ganssle

Rob Koons

Ed Feser

Andrew Loke

John Warwick Montgomery

Wayne Grudem

John Stonestreet

Owen Strachan

Voddie Baucham

Alex McFarland

Thaddeus Williams

Mama Bear Apologetics


Matt Slick

Bible Answer Man

Hank Hanegraaff

One Minute Apologist

Bobby Conway

Room for Doubt (Richard Knopp)

Apologetics Guy (Mikel Del Rosario)

Veritas Forum

Come Reason Ministries (Lenny Esposito)

Colson Center

Think Apologetics (Eric Chabot)

Apologia Studios

Jeff Durbin

Capturing Christianity (Cameron Bertuzzi)

Eric Hernandez

Christian Thinkers Society (Jeremiah Johnston)

Ryan Mullins

Michael Heiser

Historical Reliability of Bible

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

Daniel Wallace

Peter J. Williams

Craig Blomberg

Ed Komoszewski

F.F. Bruce

Walter Kaiser

Historical Jesus

Gary Habermas

Mike Licona

Ben Witherington III

Craig Evans

Darrell Bock


James Tour

Michael Strauss

Melissa Travis

Intelligent Design

Center for Science & Culture

Stephen Meyer

Gunter Bechly

Ann Gauger

Paul Nelson

Jay Richards

Jonathan Wells

John West

John Bloom

Ray Bohlin

Walter Bradley

Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Robert J. Marks II

Old Earth Creationism

Reasons to Believe

Hugh Ross

Fazale Rana

Jeff Zweerink

Young Earth Creationism

Answers in Genesis

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Ministries International

Evolutionary Creationism



CIRA International

Al Fadi

The World Discipleship Institute

Ministry to Muslims Network

Answering Islam

Mark Durie

Gordon Nickel

Anthony Rogers

Daniel Brubaker

Sam Shamoun

Samuel Green

Daniel Janosik

Fouad Masri

The Straight Way of Grace Ministry (Usama Dakdok)


Mormonism Research Ministry

Bill McKeever

Eric Johnson

James Walker

Adam’s Road

Truth in Love Ministry

Sandra Tanner

Faith After Mormonism (Ross Anderson) (R.M. Sivulka)


Michael Brown

Eitan Bar


Life Training Institute

Scott Klusendorf

Jannique Stewart

Megan Almon

Stephanie Gray Connors

Seth Gruber

Justice For All

Homosexuality/Same-Sex Marriage/Transgenderism

Robert Gagnon

Becket Cook

Chris Yuan

Sam Allberry

Sam Dallas

Social Justice/Critical Race Theory

Center for Biblical Unity (Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager)

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