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Studying God's Attributes

One of the most important subjects we can study is God’s attributes. John 17:3 states, “This is life eternal that they might know thee, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”

In his Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics, Dr. William Lane Craig beautifully states how the study of God’s attributes can change our lives. He says:

“Once we correctly understand what God is like then it will change our lives. When we grasp God’s love then we will be drawn to him in turn and want to respond and love him. When we truly comprehend God’s holiness then we will turn away from our sins with loathing and will reverence God with awe. When we understand God’s aseity then we will fall on our faces before him in humility. When we see God’s power then we will go forth for him in confidence and triumph. When we learn of God’s omniscience then we can trust him and his guidance as we go through the trials and valleys of life. We can quit depreciating ourselves and understand and accept ourselves rightly as those who are beloved by God. So I think you can see that knowledge about God can be very helpful indeed in getting to know God.”

Dr. Craig recently launched the first of a series of videos on God's attributes. The video can be found here.

My favorite resource for studying God’s attributes along with the Bible is Dr. Craig’s course on ‘Doctrine of God: God’s Attributes’ which can be found here. My family has gone through this material together twice and we are going through it again right now. It is incredibly rich and impactful. Every time we go through it, we learn more and grow in awe and love of God.

I recently completed a project developing quizzes out of Dr. Craig’s material on God’s attributes. I created them to use as a tool to help with educating my children. Send me a message if you would like a copy.

Some great resources for different ages and levels of study are the following:










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